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  • Lawyers.com  Martindale-Hubbell's Online listing of lawyers on your area.
  • Immigration Newsman Newspaper for immigrants, about immigration to America.
  • American Immigration Center Self help Immigration resources for Citizenship, Green Cards and Visas.
  • Online Newspapers. Links to most of the major newspapers found in this country and across the world.
  • Dailystocks.com. An avalanche of Web-wide links for any one stock.
  • Biztravel.com. This site allows you to track the flight status of most airlines.  It even gives you a map of where the plane is in mid-flight.
  • Travelweb. You can find and reserve rooms from over 45 hotel chains.  Also allows you to make flight reservations.
  • Anonymizer.com. Allows you to surf the web without being detected by cookies.
  • Bluemountain. Free internet animated greeting cards.
  • Microsoft Terraserver. 
  • Webster's Dictionary. A searchable index to the classic dictionary.
  • The Zip Code Directory. Designed by the United States Postal Service, this site will look up Zip Codes in a variety of search fashions. Also lists Zip+4 codes.
  • The Weather Channel Online A site with weather forecasts that can be give extensive weather information for any spot in the world.
  • Yahoo People Search. This utility will give you the home telephone number for anyone in the United States, simply by entering their name. You can also narrow your search by City and State.   You can also look for e-mail addresses here.
  • Lycos Peoplefind. A similar utility to Yahoo People Search, but sponsored by Lycos. Sometimes produces better results than the Yahoo catalog.
  • Lycos Emailfind. A similar utility to Yahoo Email Search, but sponsored by Lycos. Sometimes produces better results than the Yahoo catalog.
  • Yahoo Home Page Search. A search utility which finds people's personal home pages.
  • Lycos Road Map Search Utility. New to the web, this search engine asks you for an address and creates a road map for that area. Works anywhere in the US.
  • Fodor's Magazine. The online edition of the travel magazine. Includes a list of hotel locations around the world.
  • Mapquest and Tripquest. Atlases and directions to almost any location in the world. A great resource if traveling by car.
  • CityLink. Detailed maps and information about many US cities.
  • Federal Express Online. Arrange for shipment pick-ups, and track packages online.
  • UPS Online. Arrange for shipment pick-ups, and track packages online.
  • CNN Online. Current news headlines and multimedia reports.
  • CNNfn Online. The latest financial news from CNN.
  • USA Today Online. The nation's top news stories and commentary from USA Today.


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